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Payroll services in Loughborough

Every company has a vast range of administrative duties that, at times, can seem overwhelming, particularly when it's coming towards the end of the tax year. One of those responsibilities is your company’s payroll. At John F Mould & Co, we have been providing payroll services for companies all over Loughborough and the rest of the UK for over 25 years.


Payroll administration requires you to collate multiple pieces of information in order to make sure that all staff are being paid the correct amount after any taxes. This information includes staff working hours; working out tax and National Insurance figures; calculating overtime; absences such as sickness, holiday and maternity leave; and much more.


At John F Mould & Co we can collect, amalgamate, and present your payroll data in an easy to manage format. We can also process all of your staff’s payments, making sure that they are paid correctly and on time. This means that you can spend your time focusing on the running of other aspects of your company. Not only can we save you any payroll related stress but we can also save you money by freeing up yours and your staff’s time to be used on more productive tasks.


If you are looking for a company in Loughborough to look after your payroll and make sure that all of your staff are paid correctly and on time. Give us a call today on 01509 237874, or send us a message through our contact page.


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